Length Retention

The main culprit of hair that appears to be sitting at a growth plateau is the inability to retain length. That’s literally all there is to it.

Below are a few methods to prevent this and allow your hair to start reaching lengths you previously thought were impossible to reach:

  • Moisture: This is one step you cannot neglect should you envisage yourself sporting lengthy, healthy coils. Dry hair will break
  • Fuzzy Ends: Clip those off using very sharp scissors or hair shears (preferrable). Holding onto damaged ends results in mid shaft breakage, leading to poor length retention. Repeat process as needed.
  • Protective Styles: Keep hair in a style that keeps those ends tucked away e.g. roll and tuck styles, cornrows, braids, flat twists, buns (ensure all installations are never tight to prevent stressing of roots and edges – a gateway to traction alopecia).
  • Manipulation: Any kind of hair handling needs to be done on damp hair with a leave in applied onto it. This prevents unnecessary shedding and breakage.
  • Night Time: Always cover your hair with a silk scarf or satin bonnet to prevent drying and breakage of strands on cotton sheets and pillow cases.

What is traction alopecia?

Traction alopecia is a type of hair loss that is related to the hair practices one engages in, which eventually results in the stressing of site(s) on one’s scalp and hair loss in those areas. Hair in these stress zones is unable to grow back along with the rest of your hair as the damage sustained from poor handling goes as far in as your hair follicle – damaged follicles are unable to produce hair strands.

This is preventable through gentler installation of hairstyles – avoiding tight styles. You can prevent reaching this stage by nibbing the problem in the bud; caring for thinning hair by applying our Jamaican Black Castor Oil to strengthen, moisturise and rejuvenate hair growth in these stressed zones.