Moisture Retention Using The Loc Method

One of the greatest failings with hair care practices is managing to maintain the moisture level of one’s hair. This contributes to various issues such as perpetual dryness, lacklustre hair, and the misconception that our hair is not growing. This is definitely not true, all hair grows it – it’s just that not everyone’s hair retains whatever length they have grown. Moisture loss is at the heart of these pesky hair experiences. Here are a few tips on how to banish this problem and begin seeing a marked difference in the health and look of your hair.

  • Always apply product(s) on damp hair to allow for their optimal absorption into strands.
  • Maximise on moisture on your hair after rinsing by always applying a leave-in and a sealant (oil or butter) – using the LOC/LCO method* on damp hair.
  • To achieve the best level of dampness lightly squeeze out excess moisture with the Anim Microfibre Towel – prevents snagging and breakage which accompanies traditional drying towel.
  • Deep Condition Hair at least once a week.
  • For low porosity hair, steaming of hair allows the closed cuticles to open up thus enabling moisture to channel into the hair shaft.
  • Keep your hair and tips secured in protective hairstyles.

What is the LOC/LCO Method?

The Liquid/Leave-In, Oil, Cream or Liquid/Leave-In Cream Oil method is a means of sealing in moisture into your hair using the mentioned products in this specified order.

This method can be followed using the Anim products as follows:

Start off this process with a Pre-poo Treatment:

This is an added measure for moisturising and increasing the elasticity of hair prior to cleansing. A pre-poo also protects the hair from moisture loss during the cleansing process. Particularly recommended for the dryer winter months.

Do this by: Combining equal parts of Anim Aloe Vera Gel and Jamaican Black Castor Oil. A white creamy lotion will result.

  • ■ Section hair into quadrants and lightly mist with water for improved hair pliability and product application.
  • ■ Apply prepared treatment from roots to tip.
  • ■ First finger detangle each section to loosen out any large knots which may be torn out from just combing.
  • ■ Gently detangle each section by working from tips to roots using the Anim Curl Care Bamboo Comb.

The next step is to begin washing and conditioning using the Anim African Black Soap No-Poo Clarifying Wash and our Shea Butter Conditioner to begin process on clean, moisturised damp hair.

  • A creamy leave-in such as the Anim Chia Seed Leave-In is to be used during either the “L” or the “C” of the LOC/LCO method, depending on your hair’s density i.e. use as “l” for thicker hair and “C” for finer hair.
  • The Anim Shea Butter and Jamaican Black Castor Oil is to be used as part of the “O” and “C” of the LOC/LCO method – its creamy consistency and  moisture sealing Jamaican black castor oil allows for this dual usage.

Finally twist your hair or style as desired ensuring to keep the ends protected, for the moisture you just applied onto your hair to remain in there.cretai