Going Natural Starter Kit

Going natural is as much a commitment as it is a reward to your hair and self. What you sow you certainly will reap! Investing in the health of your hair in the form of quality, naturally derived products is a sure way to start seeing your curls, coils and kinks flourish. ANIM has formulated an all encompassing range to make the transition into and/or maintenance of your natural hair easier than ever before.

We’ve compiled this compact list of a few must haves when returning to and caring for your true hair texture:

  1. SULFATE FREE SHAMPOO: Whether you’ve already done the big chop or you’ve been patiently transitioning, keeping those strands clean is a good way to ensure that your hair actually absorbs any product applied into it. Opt for a gentle sulfate free cleansing agent such as the Anim Naturals African Black Soap No-Poo Shampoo. It cleans hair efficiently without leaving it a frizzy, moisture stripped mass.
  2. DEEP CONDITIONER: Always have a good deep conditioner which you treat your hair to on a weekly basis (especially in winter – this is a definite must). The Anim Shea Butter Conditioner is great for this, particularly when mixed with some of the Anim Aloe Gel and Anim Jamaican Black Castor Oil. Applying this mixture on damp hair, covering with a Shower Cap for about 30 minutes will replenish moisture back into your hair, leaving it softer, manageable and full of body.
  3. WIDE TOOTHED COMB: Whether you’re detangling or dispersing product throughout your hair, ensure that you’re always using a wide toothed comb such as the Anim Bamboo Curl Care Comb. This ensures that you’re not sustaining any added breakage to your strands, typically associated with using finer toothed “old school” combs.
  4. MICROFIBRE TOWEL: Make sure that when you’re drying your hair, you’re not losing length because of it. The Anim Microfibre Towel gently absorbs excess moisture from your strands and does not result in any kind of breakage or snagging of your strands. This ensures that your hair remains on your head rather than between towel fibres – often seen when using regular cotton towels.
  5. LOC PRODUCTS: Having products which will keep your hair moisturised for long periods is a compulsory step in natural hair upkeep. Following the LOC treatment – ensuring that you include a “Liquid/Leave-In” “Oil” and “Cream” in your hair moisturisation regime is a part of this process. The Anim Chia Seed Leave-In Conditioner and the Anim Shea Butter with Jamaican Black Castor Oil  can be used for this step respectively.
  6. SOFT FABRIC: Silk or Satin are natural hair’s matrimonial match! Bed time shouldn’t be snag time. Switch cotton scarves/doeks, nylon stockings etc for satin/silk head scarves or bonnets. If you’re not a fan of covering your hair at bed time or simply often forget this step in caring for your hair, invest in a silk/satin pillowcase, to ensure your strands are safe while you catch up on your shut eye.

Follow these steps and watch your strands take strides and reach new lengths you began thinking were reserved for glowy-skinned-sparkly-eyed youtuber.