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Our Story



ANiM Naturals is a Cape Town based cosmetics company that manufactures natural hair and skincare products made from sustainably sourced ingredients from across the African continent. We are on a mission to empower people to feel beautiful, naturally. Ghanaian born South African, Akosua Koranteng, founded the company originally under the trading name AKAN Organics. The brand underwent rebranding, image and product renewal and was reintroduced to the market as what it is now known as – ANiM Naturals.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide our patrons with products naturally and sustainably sourced. Our focus on natural ingredients also speaks to an acceptance of one’s natural beauty. We aim to guide women towards investing in one’s natural self. Our passions include honouring the age old traditions of African cosmetic making, particularly seen in West African soap making and shea nut processing. This ensures the integrity of the raw ingredients used in ANiM products remains, meaning the potency of each of these is maintained and isn’t compromised in their processing.


The Ethics

  • We believe in bringing to the market hair and skin care products that do not harm the environment and are sustainably produced.
  • Our products are all naturally derived where exclusion of harmful chemicals in our product formulations remains a high priority.
  • ANiM seeks to empower its clients with knowledge on self care practices inspired by traditional African natural remedies to suit their modern lifestyle.




ANiM Naturals

We love to share our favourites. Our products are luxuriously simple, naturally potent. So clean we can enjoy generously without worrying what’s inside.